Saturday, January 10, 2015

Artist's statement and instructions


I am so thrilled to be setting these pots aside for Adam and Eleanor to get for their wedding! Thanks in advance for helping them make so much of my pottery a part of their lives! I know my pots have a good home with them, and I am honored that they want to add more of my creations to their daily life.

This registry contains the individual pots Adam and Eleanor picked out themselves. They made some really great choices! Some of my favorite pots are here, and I am delighted to know that they will be going home with such appreciative people. I can think of no better fate for the things I make.

The instructions for reserving items are in the posts of the items themselves. Leave comments on the appropriate post or get in touch via email. Items will be reserved in the order of having contacted me. If there are any questions please let me know:


My studio is in Athens Georgia, in the Boulevard neighborhood, and if you live close by you are welcome to drop on over and view the pots in person. Give me a few days notice and I will arrange a time to meet.

Thanks again for supporting what I do and for making my pots a part of their lives!


Carter Gillies

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