Saturday, January 10, 2015

Adam and Eleanor's wedding pottery!

We’re not sure exactly what it is about them, but we love Carter Gillies' mugs. Could be the shapes, could be the handles, could be the glazes, could be something a bit harder to define. Whatever it is, ever since we got our first mug a couple years back (Eleanor’s first-ever gift to Adam), we have looked forward to a day when we might have a full collection in our cabinet. On two of our visits to Athens, we’ve met with Carter at his backyard studio—we’ve talked, we’ve browsed his shelves, and we’ve discovered that our love for his work goes beyond just mugs. We love his serving bowls as well. Not surprisingly, it was hard to choose from his amazing selection, but we have finally nailed it down. These are our favorites!

By the way, we plan to pick up the new pottery when we're in Athens for the wedding, but if you'd prefer to pick it up and give it to us yourself, just let Carter know. Thank you so much!

- Adam and Eleanor

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